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Membership is open to any person interested in the objectives of SANi.

Membership is subject to the disclosure of basic information by the applicant. This basic information shall include: Name, e-mail address, contact details and area of specialization / interest in nanotechnology. Registration for membership may be done by downloading the Membership Application Form and emailing it to the SANi secretariat:

Download Membership Application Form Here

The secretariat will invoice the applicant with the SANi banking details and membership number provided in it. All applicants who have disclosed their basic information to SANi shall be considered for membership by the Executive Committee, who reserves the right to refuse membership.

The executive committee will approve membership but may delegate responsibility to a person or persons chosen by the committee.

(i) Active Members

Active members shall be persons or organizations who either serve as SANi members in designated SANi functions or have duly submitted nanotechnology related research proposals to the executive committee that were found to be of the accepted standard.Such members must pay an annual subscription fee as indicated in the membership form and theys hall have the right to speak and vote at any Annual General Meeting of the Society.

(ii) Non-active Members

Non-active members shall be those persons wishing to be associated with the Society and share in benefits, information and networking without performing designated functions or participating in funded nanotechnology related research. Such members must apply for membership and pay the annual subscription fee and have the right to vote at any Annual General Meeting of the Society.

(iii) Affiliate Members

Affiliate members shall be societies or companies wishing to be associated with the Society without being actively involved in the affairs of the Society. Such members must apply for membership and pay the annual subscription fee but have no voting rights.

(iv) Termination of Membership by Executive Committee

The Executive Committee may terminate the membership of any person or agency whose continued membership is considered not to be in the interests of the Society, provided that a member whose termination of membership is under consideration shall be advised of the reasons and the date of the Committee Meeting at which they will be considered by registered post. Such letter is to be posted at least TWENTY-ONE (21) days before the date of the said Meeting. Such member shall have the right to be heard in person at that Meeting or put their case in writing.


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